London at Night Rag

by Gary S. Rosin

after "London at Night"
      by the crew of the International Space Station

After it looks up,
the eye of the eagle
sees the trap below:

stuck inside a fractal,
reflections and refractions
catch the eye--

glares in the dark,
galaxies of eyes
stare everywhere,

above and below, all around
galaxies and eyes,
swirls and dark--

even London is a galaxy,
London draws
light from dark,

London makes
an eye so it can watch,
so it can see

what else might be
caught in the fractal--
the eagle sees, but

cannot say--all is geometry,
equations and curves
string it all together,

galaxies may gather,
may spiral, dance to rhythms
that echo in the blood,

the blood of sky and body
may dance together, dance
as if nothing ends,

dance, because it ends,
because it all collides,
because galaxies and bones

often lie broken:
shattered symmetry,
fractured fractals,

blind eyes,
falling in the dark,
falling, falling,

all the way down.

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Copyright © 2002, 2004 by Gary S. Rosin